Aaron Preziosi is a multi faceted, multi instrumentalist & singer 
from Massachusetts whose rock n'roll credentials include: 
Jon Butcher, Charlie Farren, The Four Arm Bandits,
The Peacheaters and many more...  

Aaron is highly regarded as the
premier djembe player in the New England region. 
His sounds on the drum range from quiet finger work to loud
arena sounding kick drum style thumps. 

Aaron combines grooves and slow ballad patterns, 
percussive fills and accents creating
rock solid accompaniment.

Aaron Preziosi was a professional tape editor and
remote recording engineer with Fleetwood recording
for many years. 

His live performances span New England at venues large and small.
Several artists he's supported on djembe, percussion
or full drum kit have vast catalogs 
and major label releases.