Aaron Preziosi is a multi faceted, multi instrumentalist from Massachusetts
whose recent Rock credentials include:
Charlie Farren, Stephen Ferrara, Jon Butcher
and The Peacheaters.  Beginning at a young age on snare drum while in drum corps,
he played the part of William Diamond on Patriots Day for multiple years at historic Revolutionary war
battle re-anactments on the green in Lexington.

In college, Aaron was the manager of his campus radio station while he also interned in production
and music at WBCN 104.1fm.  Thru those same years he was a tape editor and remote engineer at
Fleetwood Recording and Fleetwood MLM in Revere. Nights off, you may have seen Aaron performing
live on the North Shore of Boston, or at the Middle East in Cambridge. 

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Highly regarded as the premier Djembe player in the New England region,
his style and approach that make just one drum sound like an entire full drum kit is unique only to his delivery 
and is never equally duplicated. Aaron's sounds on the Djembe range from quiet finger work to loud arena
kick-drum style thumps, and any where there in between. Combining rock solid grooves, slow ballad patterns, 
accents and percussive fills, you simply won't see or hear anyone else own it with complete
authenticity like Aaron.                                         


Premier Djembe Artist Aaron Preziosi



2 Roads East Tour Accompanying Jon Butcher

Stay Tuned this Summer
For new original music from Aaron !

Also watch for the brand new band Proof Of Life,
led by the ever awesome Steve Ferrara and 
with John Cajolet on Bass to kick it up several more notches,
Aaron is behind the full drum kit -don't miss it !
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Proof Of Life

Acoustic performance with Steve Ferrara Band

The Bull Run Accompanying Charlie Farren

70's Classic Rock 
driven by Aaron's drumming

Full Kit Performance with Steve Ferrara Band

Live with The Peacheaters: The Allman Brothers Tribute Experience

"The best Allman's tribute band you will see" 
 Carter Alan,  legendary Boston radio DJ and host of Sunday Morning Blues (WBCN / WZLX)


Rehearsal Footage



Aaron is available for live shows and sessions:
Accompanyment on Djembe or full Percussion or full Kit,

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Covering James Taylor with Rick from The Peacheaters

Back Where It All Begins with LL Redley


Original Music